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  • Thank You February 25, 2019
    Thank you for lifting my soul each time I wasn’t strong enough to lift it on my own. Thank you for being divine when my humanity kept me from breathing. Your mahogany pigment, sweet aroma and magnetic consciousness won’t let me leave you alone. Thank you. For touching the core of me with such little […]
  • Back January 25, 2019
    Tell me where you are right now, I promise I’ll hop on the first thought smoking, Out of this solar system, Past those constellations that tease me, Where we first met, I think I remember the way, But if you could just sing to my heart again so that it jogs my memory, And so […]
  • run January 9, 2019
    I’ve spent the last few evenings trying to understand whether or not you’re real. Because, if you’re not then I need this cruel joke of a pleasant dream to end as soon as possible. The oceanic depths of my own heart are too scary for me to explore without someone to come with me. I’ve […]
  • for both of us January 3, 2019
    late evenings transform themselves, into early mornings without me noticing, like vapors of water taking flight into heaven, and leaving me here alone, again, wondering if the hands that crafted the souls of men, will speak to you on my behalf, and tell you that my intentions are good, and desires are pure, and interest […]
  • i saw a sketch November 26, 2018
    last night i saw a sketch, it was a woman, and her womb consisted of stars and planets, i was humbled, by the artistry itself as well as the concept, this woman, was exactly what she depicted, a bright and shimmering idea in the mental womb of the woman who thought to sketch her, and […]
  • Chocolate Rose August 12, 2018
    Taciturn and full of wonder, Seeking for all things beautiful, And finding most of them within her own grasp, Wondering if the world can offer what imagination and hope share freely, Listening for any sign of life, In a thought that gasps for air with every inhale of purpose she takes, And yes is the […]
  • May it all align August 12, 2018
    I don’t want to be afraid anymore, of what could be, but likely never will. The worst things that I can imagine often flood parts of my mind that I’ve kept hidden quite well, unfortunately. . . . I don’t want to be overly anxious about deferred dreams suddenly budding in open fields of delusion—and […]