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  • i miss the movies April 12, 2021
    movies aren’t supposed to be predictable. it’s the little shocks and surprises that make blinking seem disrespectful and the expensive popcorn prices more reasonable. it seems like an antiquated practice now that planet earth got sick and couldn’t come out to play for a year—but, i miss the movies. arriving early, alone, hopefully in a […]
  • strangers, unwanted February 2, 2021
    i find myself hiding my work from everyone including me even when i’m the only one to see it it still feels like a crowd of unwanted strangers staring at my soul
  • *way February 2, 2021
    an unnoticed, precious soul overlooked and lodged in distant desert sands … how lucky i am to have lost my say on roads to … unreachable glory and to have found myself, you. us both.
  • fooled January 8, 2021
    within — lives all aspects of the beauty,contentment,will,resilience,awe,honor,integrity,respect,validation,righteousness,serenity,resolve,holiness,wholeness,abundance,peace,accomplishment,health,power,and love, that i was once fooled into thinking,lived without. may i never be fooled again.
  • 🔥 August 11, 2020
    ... hours spent pursuing a version of a hidden self that used to scare me. one that embodies my pains and my joys. undiscovered, and bubbling from the rocky soil of a soul that still manages to be fertile at high altitudes and extremely high temperatures. your light looks like lava. and so does mine. […]
  • 3.14159265359 July 31, 2020
    i’ve never understood why my dreams are so colorful when i fall asleep, the palettes always look more vivid than the ones in the real world assuming it’s a world… that’s real, and not scrambled computer code in a simulation that we’ll make one day …and forget about a game of definitions, honestly at this […]
  • 💧 May 21, 2020
    it feels like,sea voyages,and islands visible from afar,backward flowing currents pulling me away, slowly enough to not lose sight of the palm trees and soft sand, but fast enough to turn my paddling into place holding with no propulsion, churning, churning, still here. closeness never felt so far. sight never felt so blind. and letting […]