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  • May 13, 2022
    clear and colorful memories of being a blurry figure in the background of drastically opposing views. “you can be anything” and “you’re not good enough” stood at center stage of my world; i always found myself just out of sight, at stage left, holding a silk rope, and waiting for my cue to close the […]
  • beautiful wreckage * November 14, 2021
    some times trauma. resurfaces like wreckage from forgotten ocean floors — rusted and heavy. slowly rising and displacing all that lies in its path — disrupting the stillness of the shoreline to remind us that it has always been there. settled. sitting. maybe it’s time to explore it? this, beautiful wreckage. sunken treasures have been […]
  • – ??? October 14, 2021
    the righteous ones haven’t forgotten that they were wronged they’ve simply chosen a higher path, instead of justified vengeance
  • [ew] July 21, 2021
    you can’t look away, can you ¿ me neither • staring into a noon sun has never burned so beautifully for either of us — i never got the chance to thank you for hurting me before • and i never apologized for wanting you so fiercely then leaving you so swiftly — two relentless […]
  • am i serious ¿ July 21, 2021
    right and left brain collisions are mini big-bangs that act as my alarm clocks and thrust my consciousness back into reality every morning • differential equations and literary phrases wrap themselves around my spinal cord like colorful ribbons — attaching themselves to my nervous system and crossing all incoming and outgoing signals like when we […]
  • //[slow scroll]\\ July 20, 2021
    let it all go and hold you instead. i wish i could. enveloped in these hopes that haven’t reached fruition yet. i’m not sure if i worded that correctly, but formalities and grammatical correctness and order and systematic, scientific approaches lose their power when full hearts just want expression. fruit. that’s the point i was […]
  • <••> knilb June 21, 2021
    the fear of precious things being suddenly taken the hope of dreams being eventually realized two mirrors that when placed in front of the soul reveal the truth of us all fortunately, blinking is an autonomic and reflexive process millions of millisecond breaks from all that concerns us from all that calls us so that […]